Top 3 Wedding Reads of the Week

We spend hours each week keeping our finger on the pulse of the wedding industry. We research trends, meet designers, study wedding etiquette and gaze at all the must see weddings that occurred the weekend before. Then it dawned at us over here that we should be sharing all of this information with you-our trusted readers!

So, today we take our motto of educating brides to a whole new level by sharing with you the Top 3 Wedding Reads of the week. Yes, there will be cheat sheets and pretty pictures, I promise.

Week of February 8th, Holler!

“How to Be a Wedding Guest that Doesn’t Suck” by Taryn Hillin

First off, any title that is bold enough to include “doesn’t suck” is an article I want to devour. Taryn reveals 12 steps to getting it right when it comes to attending a wedding. I personally felt overwhelmed to send this off to all the guests that annoy me throughout the wedding but I will withhold and passive aggressively hope they read this blog.

Kicking it off with a traditional “You Gotta RSVP” all the way to “Don’t Bring a Tinder Date” (which makes me smile ear to ear). Check out her article and feel free to send it to a friend to post on their Facebook wall in hopes that all of your wedding guests will read it because posting it on your would not be cool.

“Quirky Budget Friendly Wedding” by Wedding Chicks

I for one have never seen the word “quirky” used to describe a wedding so kudos to Wedding Chicks for the idea and then completely following through with some quirkiness. This wedding is genuine, chill and highlighted by what the groom and his guys wore. Yes, I just commented on the groom’s attire for the first time ever, it was that good (see main image).

“Why We Chose to Save Money by Having a Destination Wedding” by Gema Cartwright

This article is an ode to my sister who constantly is breaking my heart by saying she wants a “small beach wedding”. Yes, I am really her sister-I double-checked. In all seriousness though I get the wanderlust filled wedding of your closest friends and FAMILY (along with a killer MOH!) on the beach. This article gives you all the unique ways you can save big time on making this dream a reality by combining your wedding and honeymoon and cutting down on the guest list.