Ideas for newlyweds’ room decoration

Every wedding couple spend a lot of time in planning their wedding, whether it be the wedding dress, wedding theme, guests list, or the photographer. But some couples do not give enough importance to the decoration of their bedroom which is not appropriate as it’s the most special space for a newly married couple.

Newlyweds’ bedroom places crucial importance as it is the place from where they will start their journey. In their bedroom, they will see the sun rising and the sun setting. They will be pleased to have a well furnished and well organized room so, it is most important to design a newlywed’s room in a way that gives them soothing and comfortable vibes.

 So, conscious efforts are to be made while decorating a bedroom. If couples are decorating the room themselves or anybody else is doing this on their behalves then few recommendations should be taken into considerations:

Bed of newlyweds

When thinking of decorating the room, the first and far most important thing is the bed of the couple.  The bed should be cozy and comfortable enough to have a sound sleep. The selection of mattress also matters that it should not be hard to give a backache or on the other hand, it should not much soft that your sleep gets interrupted. The couple can decide together which type of mattress they would like to have. 

Since people have different tastes, so you can decide the style of bed. Nowadays, there are many designs of bed which make your room look more beautiful and attractive.  You can select the stylish bed according to you and your better half’s taste.

Bed sheets and pillows

Bed sheets and pillows should be synchronized with the theme of your room. The color, fabric, and designs should be matched with walls’ colors, furniture, and curtains. You can select bed sheets of linen, cotton, or velvet, etc.  With bed sheets, you can select pillows in contrast to your bed sheets color or you can have the same colors if you like. There are varieties of embroidering pillows available in the market which will surely add charm to your bedroom. The couple will spend most of their time in bed so their bed should be more cozy and comfortable. 

Wall paint

Walls put impact not only on the look of your interior rather it has impacts on your eyes and moods. Light hues soothe you and you feel fresh when your walls are painted with light and fresh hues. Decide consciously the perfect color combination for your walls which should synchronize with your bed sheets, cushions, pillows and furniture’s colors.  You can ask an artist to make artistic and beautiful paintings on your walls. This will make your room look artistic, attractive and lively.

Lightings and small bulbs

Although, a bedroom is a place where you sleep, while, there are other functions of the bedroom too. You have to have a lighted room for reading, dressing, etc. From dimmed lighted to the illuminated bulb, there are stylish and innovative lightings are available at stores. Apart from them, there are also small lighting bulbs which you can put on the one side of the bed or you can put them on your dressing in a stylish way. Candles and lamps can be used and placed at the corner or corners of your room.

Wall clock and wall hangings

Wall clocks have long been seen in homes, yet you can have a stylish, handmade or embroider clock which will give an artistic touch to your room. In addition to this, there are wall hangings which you can make by yourself or you can purchase them from the market. These make the room look really beautiful. Since it would be the newlywed’ room, you can hang frames of their wedding’s snaps, one or two frames can be put on one side, or on both sides of the bed. Sceneries and painting can also be hanged on the wall. But the walls should not be crowded with all these kinds of stuff.


Cushions have long been used on the windows but recently the designers are using them on the back of the bed in a very creative and artistic way. This is a good idea to give an attractive background. The colors of curtains have great importance, if not selected carefully and consciously they can make your room look weird and out of the context. The theme and the colors of all the things in your room should be synchronized with each other to give a fresh and artistic look.