5 Laid Back Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Glamping: Glamorous camping, I can think of no other way to camp! Glamping means no putting up a tent, access to indoor plumbing, no sleeping bags and definitely no building your own fire.

 Elegant Yurts on a California Ranch: Surrounded by 400 year old trees this ranch features yoga classes, bike tours, hiking routes, an abundance of art supplies and horseback riding.

Safari West: An African Safari experience in Santa Rosa. Situated on a 400 acre wildlife preserve, Safari West, has over 700 animals and you get to tour and sleep in the middle of it all. This one is definitely on my bucket list!

2. Wine Tasting Weekend: Is there anything better than your bridesmaids, a weekend together and lots of wine? Um.No.  You can plan your own tour by vineyard hopping. Select two to three vineyards, pack adorable picnic lunches and reserve a glamorous limo.

3. Slumber Party: Who doesn’t love a great sleep over with your best friends? Turn it into a fabulous night in with gourmet food, drinks, games and even a theme.

4. Spa Day: This looks like absolute heaven! A day or even a weekend (shh!) being rubbed, scrubbed, pampered and plucked. Yes! Customize robes for your girls and book a day or refreshing and champagne. Also, feel free to let me know when this is happening! I feel like I might just need to do some research.

5. Rent a Cottage: Enjoy a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature in a charming cottage. Make the weekend simple by asking each girl to bring her favorite snack, cocktail and one item of decor. Once you get arrive lay out a blanket, take your  shoes off and enjoy a weekend with your girls!