10 Ways to Know Happy Planning is Right for You

Hello, my beautiful brides! We are the creators of Happy Planning: Personalized Wedding Planning on Any Budget. We receive numerous inquiries from engaged ladies wondering if Happy Planning is right for them. So, today we are telling you our 10 Ways to Know Happy Planning is Right for You.

1. You don’t know where to start planning your wedding. Happy Planning is laid out step by step and personalized to keep you on track for your wedding date. You will watch one video a week (every other week closer to your wedding) and that video will come along with a checklist of items to complete. We keep track of the checklist for you and mark off what you’ve completed so you know when it is time to move to the next video.

2. You are on a budget. If you want to stretch your budget as far as possibel-then hire a wedding planner. There’s one problem with that-full wedding planning can cost you thousands of dollars. Happy Planning will give you even more information than a full wedding planner can on how to stretch your budget for $45 a month or $279 for the entire year. Yes, it’s a steal but I love you so let’s not make a big deal of it.

3. You get caught up in the details. When planning a wedding the small details can push you right over the edge and not to mention the budget. We tell you what actually matters and steer you far from what doesn’t. We are your trusted advisor and partner in this wedding planning extravaganza.

4. Your Mom or soon to be Mother-in-law are driving you a bit crazy. We have two whole videos for each to watch to get them back in-line or in-line in the first place. We discuss what they are to pay for, what their responsibilities are and when to show up (and shut up).

5. You want the wedding of the century. We provide design inspiration and jaw-dropping advice that will have guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Seriously.

6. You work full-time. Here’s the thing about Happy Planning-you can access it whenever you want! You’re not limited by business hours or meeting schedules. Watch is at one in the morning or bing watch five videos at once. It’s on your schedule and at your own pace.

7. You’ve never thought of using a wedding planner. The best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship with your fiancee during wedding planning is hiring a wedding planner. You will save thousands with Happy Planning and will more than likely be more wedding educated than those that hire a traditional wedding planner. Shhhh….

8. You want people to be amazed that you can do it all. You can’t plan your wedding like a pro that’s planned hundreds of weddings because we have secrets up our sleeves. But, the great news is you can know those secrets too and to the rest of the world we don’t even exist.

9. You spend hours reading your wedding planning book. Our videos are all 5 to 15 minutes long and will give you more information than you can search on Google. So, save your time for memories with your fiancee and spend 15 minutes a week with your awesome wedding planner.

10. You want to know all the options available. You want to know all the cool and unique ideas, best splurges, exactly how to please your guests, where you can save money and how to have the most personalized wedding possible. We cover each and everyone of these in a fun and exciting way.

Join us and transform your wedding into the talk of the town! Sign-up today before your spot gets snatched up! Happy Planning: Personalized Wedding Planning on Any Budget.